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Hannes Lindemann

With our models we can do things that city government cannot do because we are doing it in the small scale. We can really focus on the people who are dealing with us like the owners and users. The city government supports us, helps us with finding the owners of the buildings for example. The city government has a lot of funding projects for owners or people who want to start something. And we are like a kind of mediator between the users, the owners and the city government.

We help both sides to get funds or we ensure that city brings the funds to the right people. It is kind of mediation role in between. Now the owners are coming to us to say, I have an empty building and I want to develop it with your model.

It was not the same in the beginning. In the beginning we really had to search for the buildings and the owners. We still do it but after ten years people see what we can do with our models, what the effects are to the houses, to the neighbourhood and everything and there is trust growing.

After the reunion of Germany there was a lot of huge funding projects to tear down empty houses to get the housing market stable again in Leipzig. And it did a huge impact on the city and huge deep impact the bad one. The tearing down a whole part of the city in between is really bad for the city’s flow for example or for the street life because you have houses and then huge empty spots and the other houses. It was totally wrong way.

It is a different time right now. It is more like a small direction of preserving the buildings especially the ones from falling apart. It is much better way to cope with the problems. The image of the city is not going to be destroyed anymore because Leipzig consists of falling apart buildings like very nice and old buildings and now the major goal is to preserve them.

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Hannes Lindemann

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