Haushalten operates with 4 models

Hannes Lindemann

To preserve the buildings we have more-less four different models. The first model is the Guardian Building. It is our first model, which was developed in 2004. And the main goal is to bring together people who need room for their ideas and owners who do not have money to redevelop the building.

The main point is that the owner of the building on more-less empty street gives us his building for more-less five years and we find people who would like to be the guards of the building like artists or start-ups or associations who do different social projects. Those people get the space in the buildings for free. They have to redevelop their space on their own but they do not have to pay a rent for it. They just pay the service costs and because they are doing all the renovation by their own they really get the connection to the building. They really take care of it.

Also they bring the life back to the building and to the street at all. For the owner it is a good way because the building is not going to be destroyed by rain or because of broken roof or because of broken windows. And he does not have to put a lot of money into it. It is like a win-win situation for both sides. It helps to bring more-less young people back to the streets.

Our second model is more-less like the Guardian House but it is only focusing on the shops on the ground floor. It is bringing life back to the shop level. It is important for the city or for the district the street because there is just light inside the shopping windows and people can buy stuff there. Young entrepreneurs can set up their business really low cost to try something. It is also good for the owners because the buildings are not empty anymore and they are not like people who try to burn down the building or stealing stuff from inside.

Then we have a model called Ausbauhaus. It is more-less a renting model because I forgot to mention that the Guardian Buildings is the model for temporary use and after a certain period the owner can think about the other way to develop the building. And the renting model of Ausbauhaus is like a long-term model. It is made for living. So people are renting a floor or a flat and they can renovate and redevelop their flat on their own with their own hands and with their own investments. It is also brings together the house with the people who are living there. It is a kind of connection growing. And they have to pay really small rent. Just the owner of the building gets some taxes and can invest later in the roof maybe. So it is a renting model maybe for families who want to stay here and want to live in their own flat not by buying it but by renting.

And our last model is a kind of support model for groups who want to buy a house here in Leipzig and we help them to find the house and the funds from government and from the city and helping them with the guys who are doing an ordinary repair costs. We are helping them to find the right guy who is repairing their roof and stuff like that. Because most of them are young people who never worked with their own hands more-less and they want to try something and they really want to work in the dust like steading bricks. It is really like a big decision for them and we can help them that the whole thing is going to be in right direction.

Our association is like a voluntary association. We have nine members who are doing it in their leisure time for no money. We have architects and city urban planners who really want to do something and move things in Leipzig. That is our main energy resource and more-less time to do things. Now we have an office here behind the garden and it is like our leisure time. And we really would like to move something here and it is possible to move stuff in Leipzig. It is a good thing to get active in the city especially in Leipzig.

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