NOASS earned its recognition by Kate Zilgalve
NOASS earned its recognition Kate Zilgalve

As a Culture and Arts Project NOASS is an organization with 16 years of history, it has earned its recognition public and institutional during all those years.

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Riga 2014 by Kate Zilgalve
Riga 2014 Kate Zilgalve

This brings the question what can we offer the next year when the funding of the Cultural Capital is over but the expectations from the public are of course higher.

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NOASS participated in Riga 2014 by Kate Zilgalve
NOASS participated in Riga 2014 Kate Zilgalve

Riga 2014 has brought a lot of events also to our venue. We are also managing several projects that are closely related with the events that are taking place all over the city.

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Sources of income of Halle14  by Michael Artz
Sources of income of Halle14 Michael Artz

We always have to care for new sources of support and try to elaborate our fundraising to find possibilities how to pay our costs also in future.

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Regeneration of Karlheinestrasse by Michael Artz
Regeneration of Karlheinestrasse Michael Artz

Leipzig West is now a very attractive place for young students. When they decide, where should I live they think more about the West of Leipzig than in time of mid-nineties when I came here.

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Business model of Aparaaditehas by Lemmit Kaplinski
Business model of Aparaaditehas Lemmit Kaplinski

I think we have found a solution, which earns the owner what he needs and also allows us to do what we want to do in a way that benefits the both. Whether it will work we will see in three years maybe.

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Role of networking by Lemmit Kaplinski
Role of networking Lemmit Kaplinski

I think that networking is more important than anything else in the cultural management and especially running a center like this.

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Aparaaditehas want to be a host by Lemmit Kaplinski
Aparaaditehas want to be a host Lemmit Kaplinski

We see our role more as the mediator or someone who collects all these things and distributes them in time and space and applies for the money.

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Active creating of better cities by Osamu Okamura
Active creating of better cities Osamu Okamura

Investment into the stone and concrete only does not work. You have to invest in people and you have to invest in education. That is where everything starts. And then the city will thrive.

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What is the second stage of reSITE? by Osamu Okamura
What is the second stage of reSITE? Osamu Okamura

From the conference that is a kind of networking point and knowledge exchange point we got this year to the second stage.

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Halle14 is a very dense art center  by Michael Artz
Halle14 is a very dense art center Michael Artz

Halle14 is maybe the most dense contemporary art center in the East of Germany outside of Berlin. Even the people from Berlin say the better thing in Leipzig is that it is so dense you even can jump from one opening to the next opening.

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Halle14 started with the conference by Michael Artz
Halle14 started with the conference Michael Artz

Halle14 started in 2002 with the first conference. We invited people from all around the world to share with us their experience of revitalizing former industrial buildings.

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Regeneration of Leipzig by Michael Artz
Regeneration of Leipzig Michael Artz

Ten years ago here people might think that you are somehow crazy when you try to show contemporary art in the suburbs west of Leipzig.

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Networking of NOASS by Kate Zilgalve
Networking of NOASS Kate Zilgalve

As we are working in different countries, I would say that there is not so much competition between the organizations in networks. It is more like support and coaching and idea exchange between the members of them.

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NOASS is not only a venue by Kate Zilgalve
NOASS is not only a venue Kate Zilgalve

If we talk about the programme of the organization we can see that we have several branches of the activities. We are not only a venue where several concerts and video screenings take place.

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Story of NOASS  by Kate Zilgalve
Story of NOASS Kate Zilgalve

Culture and Arts Project NOASS started 16 years ago in late nineties when Riga had no alternative artistic scene such as galleries, music or concert venues, as an initiative of a local artists and creatives led by Dzintars Zilgalvis.

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Cooperation with City of Tartu by Lemmit Kaplinski
Cooperation with City of Tartu Lemmit Kaplinski

We are working on seeing if it would make sense for the city to move some of their activities here. Instead of direct support we are talking about cooperation.

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Setting up Aparaaditehas by Lemmit Kaplinski
Setting up Aparaaditehas Lemmit Kaplinski

We do not have an exact floor plan yet. There are too many variables up in the air. Basic idea is that we differentiate between the non-profit spaces and for-profit spaces and we try to achieve a healthy mixture.

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What is Aparaaditehas? by Lemmit Kaplinski
What is Aparaaditehas? Lemmit Kaplinski

The Widget Factory is a completely new development in Tartu. It is about 13000 square metres, which in maybe 5 years will be a full-blown culture centre.

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How does reSITE work? by Osamu Okamura
How does reSITE work? Osamu Okamura

We are neither academic conference or scientific conference or professional conference. We are conference that is oriented on practice. We are practice-oriented conference.

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