Networking of Meet Factory

Michal Brenner & Zuzana Jakalova

In terms of networking this is pretty recent for us. Of course we are aware of the networks in Europe that are available to a cultural centers like us or artists in residence places like us like the ResArtis or Trans Europe Halles. We are not a part of any of that. We are a part of ResArtis. So this is a new thing, okay. But we are not a part of Trans Europe Halles.

I was not here when Meet Factory was first thinking or not thinking of being a part of Trans Europe Halles. But this year we attended with Zuzana the conference in Amsterdam to see whether this is something that would be beneficial for Meet Factory. And although we really liked the conference and the seminars and the workshops and those were very helpful at least for us. We somehow decided that it is not really enough for us to be a part of it. It was very rational thinking that the membership fee is not very cheap and we could not really benefit from it as we would like to.

We can do the networking because of course we know most of the partners in our region even without the network. And as such we are networking with Tabacka in Kosice. We have pretty good ties with Stanica in Zilina, of course with Ostrava and Pilsen who are a part of Trans Europe Halles. And these are the partnerships and the networks for Meet Factory as such. And then each department like music department or artists in residence department has its own networks and ties.

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Michal Brenner & Zuzana Jakalova

Michal Brenner & Zuzana Jakalova

Michal Brenner is in charge of Music Department, Zuzana Jakalova is in charge of Artist in Residence Department at Meet factory in Prague, Czech Republic.

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